• Reward Stickers MEGA VALUE PACK - 5800 teacher stickers. 20% MORE than others. A GIGANTIC number of stickers are best for handing out as reward, praise, encourage, merit and motivate your students of any age. Great for using in making charts, report, cards, certificates and more.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN and ASSORTED COLOR - 10 Pack of 18 UNIQUE DESIGN STYLE SHEETS, 93 UNIQUE DESIGNS including Emojis, Smiley Faces, Smiley Stars, Smiley Hearts, Super Stars, Smiley Apples, Smiley Owls, Rainbow Stars, Rainbow Hearts, Stars, Hearts, 3D Stars, 3D Hearts, Good Jobs, Smiley Flowers, Smiley Cupcakes, Pencils, Good Jobs and more.
  • WELL PACKAGED - All the stickers come in a bright color box. It helps to keep stickers clean and organized.
  • GREAT GIFT - It’s a great gift for teachers and parents. PERFECT SIZE: Stickers range in size from 0.5" - 0.8".

5800 pcs Teacher Stickers for Kids, Reward Stickers Mega Variety Pack

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